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Who Do you Need on Your Digital Learning Super Team?

If you gather the right digital learning team, you can achieve lofty goals. Take your team from standard to super with the right mix of skills and abilities.


The word hero gets thrown around a lot these days, but there’s no denying that there’s something super about digital learning experts. Gather the right team and you can achieve lofty goals on seemingly impossible timelines. Then, when the project is done, they turn around and do it again. No matter how technology evolves or the needs of learners change, your digital learning experts keep delivering quality learning experiences and opportunities. At least, that’s how it works when you have a super team.

Whether you’re building a digital learning team for the first time or expanding the one you have, there are a few roles you absolutely need to fill. Equipping your team to meet the challenge of a rapidly evolving industry starts with bringing together people who have the right mix of skills and abilities.

The Leader: Manager of eLearning Production or Learning Innovation

THEIR SUPERPOWER: Seeing and supporting the big picture

Every team needs a leader. In the digital learning space, your leader is likely a manager of eLearning Production or Director of Learning Innovation. The CEO or another executive might also fill this role. Whatever their title, the leader’s job is to keep the mission and vision in mind to steer the team’s efforts.

Look for someone who thinks deeply and creatively about learning. They should excel at inspiring teams to do their best work, without micromanaging. Strong experience in the field, with a track record of progressive responsibility and high emotional intelligence are all markers of strong leadership ability.

The Coordinator: Project Managers and Quality Assurance Specialists

THEIR SUPERPOWER: Organizing people and projects

Of course, ambitious goals require well-crafted plans. Project managers and project coordinators assemble resources, maintain schedules, and keep everyone focused and organized throughout the process of course development and roll-out.

Look for someone with exceptional attention to detail and strong analytical skills. They should be familiar with project management best practices and tools like agile software development and project management practices. PMP certification can help you qualify someone for this role.

The Heart: Instructional Designers and Learning Designers

THEIR SUPERPOWER: Aligning organizational goals and projects with learner needs

Instructional designers and learning designers unite philosophy and strategy to make aligned, relevant courses. They design and develop learning experiences with an eye toward teaching and learning best practices. Along the way, they keep the needs of the learner front and center.

Look for someone who is passionate about digitally-enabled learning and understands the theory behind it. They should be experienced in creating measurable learning outcomes. Some experience with Learning Management Systems will help them combine theory and practice.

The Data Wiz: Learning Scientists and Data Analysts

THEIR SUPERPOWER: Processing information and making valuable insights

Without the data wiz to feed them information, a super team would be effectively blind. Data analysts crunch the numbers to give your team the insights they need to improve their projects. Learning scientists provide context into how learning works. Your team can use that knowledge to build better courses or improve the ones you have.

Look for someone who gets excited about data sets and digs deep to find insights. They should be able to apply relevant data manipulation tools, especially data visualization tools that drive wider understanding and application. and understand learning theory.

The Hidden Talent: Content Developers

THEIR SUPERPOWER: Communicating essential information in text, images, or video

Every superteam has a member who is often underestimated but always comes through in the end. Content creators are that hidden talent in the digital learning world. Your courses are only as strong as the writers, graphic designers, and editors you have on the team. Better-known members of the team may not always realize it, but content creators make the project possible. Just watch what happens when they’re not around.

Look for people who are masters of their medium. Seek out strong portfolios that showcase their abilities. Experience working in the digital learning industry is a huge plus, but ultimately you want someone who can work well with the team and delivers a quality product.

How to Assemble Your Digital Learning Team

Make no mistake, every member of this team is essential. If you leave one role unfilled, the whole team may struggle. But with the right mix of digital learning experts, you can achieve organizational goals while supporting the best possible outcomes for learners.

If you need to beef up your digital learning team roster, Teamed can help. We specialize in connecting organizations with the right digital learning professionals. A full-service staffing and flexible hiring solutions help you find the right person for each role. Contact us today to start assembling your digital learning super team.

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