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Job Description Templates for eLearning

Hiring exceptional employees can help you build a well-rounded team. Candidates rely on job postings to figure out whether they should apply to an open role. When you write better job descriptions and job postings, you get candidates who are a better fit. We’ve created templates to help you get started today.

Job description

Job descriptionContent Development

Content Development pros apply information gathering, writing, and editorial skills to create quality content for curricula and courses. They help you meet learner needs and client expectations with written content that engages students.

Job description

Job descriptionProject Management & QA

Project Managers and quality assurance teams keep your digital learning project on track. They make sure every project and component meets the highest standards of quality for your clients and your students.

Job description

Job descriptionSMEs & Leadership

Get the right expertise and management to bring your digital learning initiatives to life.

Job description

Job descriptionVideo & Multimedia Production

Make every project look polished and professional with video and multimedia production experts. From overseeing development to handling the technical details, these experts make learning immersive and engaging.

Job description

Job descriptionResearch & Data Analysis

Researchers, learning scientists, and data analysts help you understand what your learners need and measure success. No team is complete without them.

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