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We are proud to introduce a new approach to discovering opportunities and being discovered.Teamed empowers you to take a multifaceted approach that amplifies your ability to connect with and land exciting opportunities.

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The digital learning industry job board is your gateway to opportunities in our field. Discover roles that align with your skills, goals, and passions and take that pivotal application step to achieve your career dreams.

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Teamed Recommendations

At Teamed, your expertise is recognized quickly by our expert recruiters. When you connect with us, you’re automatically in the running for any recruitment roles.

We reach out when there’s a perfect match and encourage you to apply directly via the job board to let us know you’re interested.

We love connecting people with opportunities!
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Talent Pool

Step into the spotlight with our Talent Pool. When you’re open to new opportunities this is a powerful tool that enables you to showcase your profile directly to hiring managers. Highlight your skills, story, strengths – all in one accessible, tailored profile.

*This is an invite-only tool. Teamed will review your information when you open an account and click I’m Available.

Student & Grad Roster

Are you a student or recent graduate of an instructional design or eLearning program?

Internships and other early career opportunities play a critical role in gaining the real-world experience and skills needed to launch your career. Visit the Students and Grads page and add your information to invite employers to reach out to you.

It’s not too early to start exploring first opportunities.


Unlock the secrets of success with our growing library of essential resources. From industry insights to expert job search advice, we provide knowledge and tools to help you stand out and succeed in your job search.

Success Stories

I absolutely love it here!  My supervisor is a great leader and I feel very supported. Her main goal every day is to see how she can help, and she gives me the autonomy and trust to just do my thing. She’s probably the best boss I’ve ever worked with.

As with any LMS implementation, there are growing pains as we work with other departments to get things ironed out, but I can honestly say, despite those challenges and frustrations, that this job is still fully filling my bucket every day. I still believe this is where I am meant to be right now, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my future here at Noble.

Working with Teamed sets the standard for what job searching and applying should be. Their person-first approach means you never feel like just another resume in the pile. They are communicative, helpful, and kind, as well as true advocates in every way, facilitating networking and connection-making with ease. From resume advice to finding the right fit between employer and employee, Teamed has been the partner I needed in a process that can feel overwhelming, isolating, and sometimes even impossible. I’m so grateful to them and their support of my career. Teamed gets an A+ and all the gold star stickers from me!

Teamed has been very responsive and helpful in facilitating connections for me in the education and training industry. They have assisted me with finding jobs, submitting applications, interviewing, and more. I have recommended them to countless other professionals in this field who are looking for well-vetted clients.

My first conversation with Teamed was May 1, 2019. I left that conversation inspired, and determined. Since that day, Teamed has successfully kept me working, even through a sudden change in a chronic illness of my husband in 2019, and the pandemic of 2020. I can always enter an assignment knowing that Teamed has done the work to ensure that I have the best experience possible. They go above and beyond to ensure that the experience is a best fit for you.

Teamed helped me find my dream job in a brand-new industry. They recognized my skills and championed me through the process of returning to work full time after being laid off — and they were a pleasure to work with every step of the way. My experience with them couldn’t have gone better!
It sounds hyperbolic, I know, but it’s true!

Regarding my experience with Teamed, I was very pleased. I think Teamed is a great resource for learning professionals looking for work. It was very helpful when you provided important information that the hiring manager was looking for ahead of my interview, and I felt very supported (emotionally and administratively) throughout the whole process from initial interview to offer letter.

I would definitely refer to Teamed again should I need your services in the future.

Thanks to Teamed, I landed a role that aligns with my skills and offers tremendous growth opportunities. Their personalized approach, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to finding the ideal match for me made all the difference. I highly recommend their services to any instructional designer who wishes to elevate their career to the next level.

I’m really grateful to Teamed for matching me with the perfect organization for my background and skills. They understood my industry and the level I’m at, and I found a really great organization to work with that I am sure will lead to great things for my career.

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