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We know hiring is time intensive. From writing job descriptions, advertising roles, screening candidates, conducting interviews, following up, and even onboarding. We’ve created tools to help and can even take on parts of the process for you.

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Interview To Find Your Star Teammate

Hiring is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a manager and a leader. You’re not looking for just anyone with the right resume. You’re looking for a star teammate.

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Why Smart Employers Are Hiring Recent Graduates and Students

3 min read

A new grad or current student might not be the intuitive choice when you’re hiring for an instructional design role on your team. Yet these early career professionals bring something […]

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What is eLearning? Everything you need to know about it

11 min read

Have you ever heard about e-learning? For many people, it’s the tool of the moment in the new digital world. It not only came to facilitate the learning process, but […]

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Instructional Designer Interview Questions For Hiring Managers

4 min read

The instructional designer is an essential member of your eLearning team. As a hiring manager, you don’t just want to find someone who can do the job. You want a […]

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How to Write a Great Instructional Designer Job Description

3 min read

Finding the right instructional designer to join your team starts with a clear and compelling instructional designer job description. If you’ve never hired an instructional designer before, writing a solid […]

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Hire Instructional Designers

9 min read

So you think you want to hire an instructional designer. Great choice. Instructional designers are eLearning industry superheroes. They create learning experiences and develop instructional materials to make learning accessible. […]

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Want to Hire Diverse Candidates? First Drop This Hidden Bias

4 min read

When the smiling faces on your diversity hiring poster all belong to people under 50, is it any surprise that ageism is still a problem?

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