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eLearning DesignereLearning Designer
Not rated yet
eLearning Designer
Hourly rate
Instructional Designer: ELA and Technology IntegrationInstructional Designer: ELA and Technology Integration
Not rated yet
Instructional Designer: ELA and Technology Integration
Hourly rate
Learning Designer | Psychology SME | Content CurationLearning Designer | Psychology SME | Content Curation
Not rated yet
Learning Designer | Psychology SME | Content Curation
Hourly rate
Instructional Technologist & DesignerInstructional Technologist & Designer
Not rated yet
Instructional Technologist & Designer
Hourly rate
Instructional Design CreativeInstructional Design Creative
Not rated yet
Instructional Design Creative
Hourly rate
Project Management ConsultantProject Management Consultant
Not rated yet
Project Management Consultant
Hourly rate
Video EditingVideo Editing
Not rated yet
Video Editing
Hourly rate
Assessment DeveloperAssessment Developer
Not rated yet
Assessment Developer
Hourly rate