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Where eLearning is more than a focus – it’s our passion. We streamline hiring
success and empower careers.

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Specialize In Learning

At Teamed you’ll find talent and opportunities across the many areas of specialization it requires to design, develop,
and manage innovative learning and development solutions. Some of the roles include; instructional designers,
writers, multimedia developers, executives, and many more.

Join us in our passion for pushing the boundaries of learning!


Hiring Services + Platform

Teamed is your home for hiring. Now you have solutions that meet your needs and budget. Candidates are just a click away.

  • Get expert recruitment services
  • Post jobs on our specialized job board
  • View available professionals in the Talent Pool
  • Easily hire contractors
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Industries We
Love and Serve

We specialize in understanding the diverse skills of learning professionals across industries. Our focus on unique expertise, varied knowledge, and specialized skills ensures precise matches with opportunities that align perfectly.

Teamed excels in recognizing these nuances and delivering tailored fits for your industry’s needs!

Job Seeker Tools + Platform

Teamed is your resource for connecting with opportunities in the ID field for the lifetime of your career.

  • Share your info with Teamed recruiters
  • Find great opportunities on the Teamed Job Board
  • Get invited to the Talent Pool to be discovered by hiring managers
  • Access helpful job search resources
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