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How to Retain Digital Learning Experts in the Great Resignation

Turnover is high in many industries, including digital learning. Here’s how you can retain digital learning experts during the Great Resignation.


They’re calling it the Great Resignation. Employees are quitting en masse in almost every industry, and digital learning is not immune. From K-12 to corporate training and development, digital learning organizations are losing some of their star teammates. While this cultural shift might seem to be outside of your control, there are things you can do to keep your team together.

No, higher wages aren’t necessarily the answer. At least, they’re not a panacea. To figure out what strategies are most likely to work, you need to understand what’s driving the Great Resignation in the first place.

What’s Happening: Why Is Everyone Quitting Their Jobs?

We’re living in strange times. On one hand, many employers are struggling to fill open positions. On the other hand, people are quitting their jobs in record numbers. The quits rate recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reached a record high in April 2021 and the numbers have stayed elevated ever since.

Replacing those lost teammates is expensive. It can cost as much as twice that employee’s salary to find someone to fill their role. And that’s just the financial impact. Turnover can affect morale, cause workload imbalances, and provoke remaining employees to rethink their situation.

The pandemic triggered many people to rethink priorities. Employees are no longer willing to compromise their work-life balance. They want to spend more time doing what they love and being with their families. They want to grow, develop and use their skills. They’re consistently walking away from jobs where they feel micromanaged, bullied, or undervalued.

So while pay is certainly a part of the equation, it’s no longer the main focus for millions of Americans. The real deciding factor for employees at all levels is how they’re treated by an employer.

How To Retain Your Star Teammates

Your team may not come through the great resignation unscathed, but there are steps you can take to keep your most valuable players on the team.

1. Support Their Wellbeing

A Gallup survey found that support for well-being is one of the top three things employees want from employers. Supporting well-being means having a culture that values work-life integration and offers opportunities to develop.

2. Give Them Opportunities To Grow

Enabling employee growth doesn’t always mean positioning them for promotion. It’s about helping them meet their own goals in the context of the organization. That could include training or certification, leadership roles, or letting them pilot new programs.

3. Prove That You Trust Them

When you micromanage, you’re sending employees the signal that you don’t trust them. Demanding that employees ask permission to do their jobs or that they be chained to their desks is a recipe for discontent. Hire people that you trust and then put that trust into action.

4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Work in general, and the digital learning space in particular, are both facing massive disruption. Communicating through the chaos can help employees feel like part of a team rather than cogs in the machine. Remember that communication flows two ways. You should listen at least as much as you talk.

Even as you put these strategies into place, realize that each employee is an individual. Ask them how you can support them to do their best work, and really listen to the answers. Some employees may want opportunities to learn and grow, others may be facing personal or family challenges that are demanding all of their extra energy right now. When you respect individual needs and goals, you build a supportive work environment that keeps your best people on the team.

The Opportunity Hidden Inside The Challenge

Of course, millions of resignations mean that some truly qualified candidates are actively seeking new jobs. If your organization is one of the many with open positions, you can attract these high-quality candidates who have the potential to become engaged star teammates. Bring these job seekers into the fold by conveying your respect for individuality, trust, growth opportunities, and openness to communication. In many ways, it’s a candidate’s market. Your job is to show them why your team is worth joining.

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