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Story/Media Producer – Video Production

A story/media producer develops and creates story-based, engaging video content – from concept to final finishing.

Job Description

We are seeking a story/media producer with broad expertise or unique knowledge in production and creation of engaging, professional videos with high production values on a variety of media platforms, for the purposes of communicating learning content and meeting goals for understanding and retention of key concepts. The ideal candidate will have a keen sense for the power of story to engage viewers and students and will use that sense to realize client goals. The story/media producer will exercise independent judgment in managing all aspects of the production life-cycle, from ideation to final deliverable. May operate in a lead or supervisory role.


  • Produce and direct projects using strong capabilities in idea development and pitching, storytelling, production planning, budgeting and execution, and meeting all client deadlines
  • Create realistic schedules and budgets based on the goals of the team and clients
  • Hire and manage video production and post-production crew
  • Help manage creative services and third-party vendors as a cohesive team
  • Conceive storyline of all media productions, and communicate to clients how the story will help them achieve their goals
  • Write scripts from a creative brief or documentary-style interviews
  • Engage with stakeholders and subject matter experts, as clients of the creative-services team, managing expectations and providing guidance through the creative process

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent required


  • 6+ years of professional production and/or project management experience
  • Must have proven leadership skills
  • Experience in preparing and executing a production budget and schedule
  • Superb decision-making skills
  • Honed communication skills, especially in working with talent and crews
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Customer/client focus and ability to work and lead within a team environment
  • Basic working knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud (especially Adobe Premiere and Photoshop)
  • Commercial production-house experience in story production

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