Our Purpose

Our purpose is to accelerate progress in learning and to provide access to opportunity for professionals in the learning field.

Accelerating Progress

We are passionate about improving learning and believe through a seamless connected network we can advance systems and practices faster, together.

Access to Opportunity

We are committed to surfacing opportunities for digital learning professionals. Our goal is to support the pursuit of rewarding, self-driven, and economically thriving careers.

Image of Ashley Lonie

Ashley Lonie, Founder and CEO Teamed

About the Founder

Ashley is a learning design and development professional as well as educator. She’s led teams and organizations in creating innovative digital learning programs and implementing new tools and strategies. She is passionate about systemically rethinking and redesigning the full life-cycle learning system and believes a connected network is an important step in ensuring we move forward productively together. Teamed is the talent and staffing solution she always needed and hopes you find it valuable as well.