At Teamed, we believe in the power of the collective mind and the importance of every person’s ideas, participation, and innovation. By working together, in a connected network, with instant access to each other – we can move education and learning forward faster and better.

Let’s create the future!

Positive Acceleration in Education

Faster progress throughout education due to access to the right experts, from relevant fields, when needed.

Economic Opportunity

Self-driven, rewarding, and flexible careers for people everywhere who want to make a difference in education.

Social Impact

Improved education enabling people everywhere to succeed in a new, dynamic world and tackle the most pressing social, environmental, and economic issues of our time.

The Team

Image of Ashley Lonie

Ashley Lonie


Learning designer, educator, and innovator who is passionate about making learning accessible and effective for all students.

Image of Lily Garcia Walton

Lily Garcia


Transformative leader of people, organizational architect, and employment law and HR expert committed to educational equity.