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The 3 Best Places to Look for Jobs in Digital Learning

A few launch points can help start your job search in the right direction. Here are three simple places to start looking for digital learning roles.


These days it seems like everyone is hiring. That means your next digital learning job is definitely out there somewhere. The question is: How do you find it? The flood of opportunities means you might have to wade through a lot of poor-fit jobs to find the new role you’ve been looking for. That can be a frustrating and demoralizing process.

Fortunately, there are a few solid starting points that can help launch your job search in the right direction. You can start using any of these three strategies today, and it won’t cost you anything to get started. Here are the three best places to look for jobs in digital learning.

1. Spread The Word On LinkedIn To Start Your Job Search

A good starting point for any job search is to set yourself to “Open to Work” on LinkedIn. This will let people know that you’re looking for a new position. There are two options here:

• All LinkedIn Members

• Recruiters Only

If you set your profile to Recruiters Only, then only people using LinkedIn Recruiter will be able to tell that you’re open to work. This is a smart move if you’re not quite ready to share your transition plans with your current employer.

LinkedIn says that they “take steps” to prevent recruiters at your own company from seeing that you’re open to work, but they don’t guarantee that privacy. So if you absolutely want to keep your job search private for now, skip this step.

Of course, whether you’re officially open to work or not, you can always use LinkedIn as a job search engine. Use the provided filters to narrow down your options so you only see the jobs that are the right fit.

2. Activate Your Network To Jump-Start Your Job Search

Did you know that about 70% of jobs are filled without ever being listed on a public job site? Companies find candidates for these roles by leveraging their networks. So a LinkedIn search isn’t going to help you find these.

If you already work in digital learning or education, you probably know a few other people who work in those industries. Let these people know that you’re looking for a job. In general, people love to help. A personalized email or message can put your network to work for you.

Try something like this:

Could I ask you for a small favor? I’m considering a career change and wondered if you might know of anyone in search of an instructional designer for remote roles. If so, I’d love to hear about them. If you could keep an eye out for any opportunities like that, I’d really appreciate it.

You might be surprised to learn that job opportunities often come from people you don’t know very well, called weak connections. Why? Because your close friends and colleagues tend to know the same people and be aware of the same opportunities as you are. Reaching outside your closest circle can do wonders for your job search.

3. Niche Down With Digital Learning Job Boards

The big job boards like Indeed and CareerBuilder might seem like the right place to look for new opportunities. After all, isn’t everyone using them? Yes, and that’s the problem. Trying to get hired on these sites is a little like going to one of those massive job fairs we used to have pre-pandemic.

You know the ones. They had a sea of booths and lots of people wearing lanyards and they were so crowded that it was hard to find the companies you were interested in, nevermind actually have a conversation with someone who worked there. The big job boards feel like that. Unless you’re highly experienced and well-positioned, it’s hard to get noticed.

That’s why smaller niche job boards improve your job search. They specialize in a particular area, like digital learning. So all the jobs you find there are relevant to you.

As mentioned above, many jobs are filled without ever being posted. Niche job sites often pull from their smaller but more focused pool of candidates to fill jobs before they ever hit the website. Reaching out to niche boards like the Teamed job board can put you on the shortlist for new opportunities.

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