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How To Tell If A Digital Learning Job Is The Right Fit

Looking for a digital learning role? Make sure the job is the right fit before you accept the offer with these hints for job seekers from Teamed.


Plenty of blog posts give advice on how to show that you’re the right fit for a job. But how often do you stop to think about whether a job is the right fit for you? Choosing your next digital learning role is about more than collecting a paycheck. You need to find an environment where you can do your best work. That means you need a job that fits.

Why Job Fit Matters For Learning Roles

Most of us spend about one-third of our lives working. That’s too long to spend on a job that doesn’t match your values, goals, and dreams. Besides, you’ll do better work and feel happier doing it if you choose a job that fits. You owe it to yourself and the people who depend on you, to find that kind of job. But doing so might seem like it’s easier said than done.

Too often, applicants don’t discover that a job is a poor fit until after they’ve taken it. Like a pair of jeans that’s just a bit too small, a job that doesn’t fit can become more uncomfortable over time. Pretty soon you’re wishing for your comfy sweatpants and wondering why you ever thought this would work. Skip the discomfort by picking a digital learning job that’s the right fit for you. Here’s how.

Start With Your Mission, Goals, and Needs

Begin with some introspection. Before considering any job offer, make sure you know what you’re looking for. That’s the only way to ensure you pick the right fit. So grab a piece of paper and do this simple exercise.

Start by listing your needs. Maybe you need insurance coverage for you and your spouse. You might need to bring in a certain salary to meet your financial obligations. Do you need a flexible schedule so you can pick your kids up from school? Maybe you need to work remotely because your dog has separation anxiety. Write down everything you need.

Next list your personal and professional goals. Do you plan to continue your education, have children, buy a house, become a manager, retire early? Don’t worry, you don’t need to share these with your potential employer. You’re only creating a rubric that can help you gauge whether any given job will help you work toward your goals. Get them all down on paper.

Finally, list your personal and professional values. Why do you work in the learning industry and what do you hope to accomplish? Again, you don’t have to share this with anyone, so don’t be afraid to dig deep and really get to the heart of what motivates you.

Equipped with this information, you’re ready to look for a digital learning job that fits.

Consider Compensation And Benefits

You probably don’t need to be told that compensation and benefits are important. Often, they’re the deciding factor when someone considers a job offer. Just remember to consider the full compensation package. Look for answers to these questions:

• What insurance is offered and much will you need to contribute to get coverage?

• How many days of vacation do you get and how long do they take to accrue?

• How about sick leave, paid family leave, and holidays?

• Will this employer help with tuition or support other personal development goals?

• Is there an opportunity for bonuses or overtime?

Some of these may not apply to your life and goals. You can skip the ones that don’t matter to you. Remember, you’re looking for your best-fit job, not anyone else’s. Compare the compensation package to your list of needs. Do they line up? If the match isn’t perfect, you might be able to negotiate.

Check Whether Missions And Values Align

If the organization’s mission and values don’t align with yours, it will be hard to do your best work. Although many organizations publish mission statements, you might not want to rely on what you find on their website. Some organizations use their mission statements as guiding principles that affect everyday decisions, others use them purely as marketing tools. Ask questions during the interview to determine which is true for this potential employer.

You might ask:

• How do you measure success?

• What kinds of team-building activities do you do?

• How has your organization changed to meet the challenges of the pandemic?

• How will this role contribute to the success of your mission?

• Which of the company’s core values do you feel is most essential to your mission?

• What is your philosophy of learning?

Assess the Work Style and Culture

Some people do their best work in a noisy brainstorming session. Others need quiet and privacy to get the job done. Consider the conditions you’ll be working in. Will the job be remote, in-house, or a combination of the two? Will you need to travel? Will you be collaborating closely with teammates, or each contributing your own piece of the final product? How often will you be expected to communicate with leadership, team members, or those you supervise?

These may seem like small details, but they can mean the difference between a work environment where you thrive and one that stifles you. While the ability to be flexible is important, you should know the conditions under which you work best. If this job constantly demands that you work outside those conditions, it may not be the best fit for you.

Measure Job Fit Against Your Goals

Finally, consider whether this job will help you work toward your professional goals. You may be closer to the beginning of your career and looking for opportunities for advancement. Or you could be near the end of your career and seeking a stable job where you can make a difference. Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle. Make sure that the expectations built into the role match your goals.

Find Your Right Fit Learning Role

At Teamed we dig into the values, mission, and philosophy of education that guide the organizations posting to our job board. That helps us match digital learning experts like you with a learning role that’s the right fit for them. Contact us to get started.

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