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On The Future of Work: Interview With The Founder of Teamed

Explore the future of work with Teamed Founder Ashley Lonie in her interview with Medium’s Authority Magazine.


If you’re wondering about what the future of work will look like for employees and employers in digital learning, we here at Teamed think Founder and CEO Ashley Lonie is the right person to ask. Apparently, Karen Mangia of Medium’s Authority Magazine agrees with us. She invited Ashley to share her thoughts on how work will change over the next decade, what employees will come to expect, and how employers can prepare.

You Can Read The Full interview over at Authority Magazine on Medium.

When Ashley started Teamed, she thought it would be a platform for connecting professionals with organizations. That’s definitely what we do, but it’s grown into so much more. This work has given Ashley a window into the psychology and needs of job seekers. It puts her in a unique position to build bridges of understanding between job seekers and hiring managers. Along the way, she’s uncovered surprising information about the challenges organizations are facing and what job seekers really want and need.

The Future of Work Will Be Smart and Flexible

Amidst all the changes over the last few years, there’s a lot of room for optimism over the future of work. Greater connectivity means we can more easily share knowledge, ideas and opportunities. Individual job seekers have more knowledge, and more power, than ever before. All of this connection amplifies our possible impact and enables us to optimize our life at work.

As for the future of work itself, Ashley sees people working in:

  • More collaborative teams locally, nationally, and globally,
  • Facilitated by smart AI, and
  • In roles that are more specialized and technical.

One point that came up again and again is that it’s time to rethink measures of productivity. Today and into the future, productivity must be measured in deliverables and KPIs, not time in seat. In addition to rethinking seat time, Ashley advises leadership to take the time to do hiring well and hire amazing managers.

For a clearer picture of what the future of work will look like and how your organization can prepare, read the article in Authority Magazine on Medium.

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