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What Does a Staffing Agency Do to Help Job Seekers?

what does a staffing agency do

What does a staffing agency do? You know it’s somehow related to connecting employers and job seekers, but you’re not sure what that means in practice.

Can they really help your job search? Or are you better off handling it on your own? In short, if you’re looking for a new role in digital learning, you might be wondering whether a staffing agency can help you find it.

What does a staffing agency do?

It’s pretty easy to summarize what staffing agencies do.

  • They help connect people with positions
  • They often specialize in one type of job or industry
  • They usually handle initial interviews and screening
  • Sometimes they serve as an employer of record for freelance or contract roles.

You can see why this is good for employers. Staffing agencies help them quickly amass a list of qualified candidates. This saves them time, money and frustration.

But what about job seekers? Why is working with a talent placement agency a good idea for them?

What does a staffing agency do for job seekers?

Finding the right job can feel like looking for the perfect pair of jeans at a fashion warehouse. The right fit might be out there, but you have to dig through a lot to find it. Working with a staffing agency is more like hiring a personal shopper. They know the store and will only show you what’s likely to fit.

Here are three reasons you might want to partner with a staffing agency for your job search:

  1. You save time. Finding jobs to apply to, customizing job search documents, and attending interviews takes time. Staffing agencies make the process easier. They help you find jobs and share your profile with employers. They may also do the initial interview, so you can skip right to the second round.
  2. The agency knows about jobs you don’t. Since many companies work with recruiters, staffing agencies, or temp agencies, many jobs are filled by seekers who already have a relationship with these organizations. If you’re a good fit for a role, the staffing agency could connect you before others even know about the job.
  3. It serves as a liaison. The hiring process isn’t always clear. Employers may take a long time to get back to you, or may not hear from them at all. Staffing agencies communicate between job seekers and employers to make sure you stay informed. They’ll walk you through every step of the hiring process.

To be totally clear, you can find a job without a staffing agency. Plenty of people do. But working with one can make the process faster and easier. Plus, it costs you nothing.

What do staffing agencies do differently?

Recruiting agencies usually focus on filling permanent positions. That means they’re looking for employees, not freelancers, contract workers or contract-to-hire. On the other hand, temp agencies fill positions with temporary workers. These are often entry-level job openings.

The majority of staffing agencies place temporary and contract workers. However there are some, like Teamed, that fill all types of roles. These talent placement agencies connect job seekers with permanent employment and long-term contract roles, as well as temporary and short term contracts.

Even if you’re looking for a full-time, permanent position, contract and temp roles can help you to prove your expertise and test your fit with a company. If it all works out, you can transition to a more permanent role.

How to find the right staffing agency for your job search

First, look for a staffing agency that serves your industry. Some work with pretty much any industry. These may not be the best choice for someone who needs help finding a specialized role. Look for an agency that specializes in the industry you plan to work in.

At Teamed, we work exclusively in digital learning. We understand the needs of corporate L&D, universities, K-12, and education publishers. Because that’s all we do, we have contacts in the industry and insight into changing needs.

Then, consider their services. Some staffing companies provide job boards and professional profiles, others don’t. Look for one that does more than tell you about open positions. You want a partner in your job search, not just a source of information.

Finally, take a look at the jobs they have posted. Ideally, they’ll have a job board or other public listing you can review. This will show you the types of jobs they typically handle. Look for whether the jobs are contract or employment, whether they’re in-person or remote, and whether they fall within the expected industry.

Using these three criteria, you should be able to find a staffing agency that can support your job search.

Start looking for your next job in digital learning

Teamed can help you find your next job in digital learning. We place employees and oversee contract-to-employee and freelancer relationships. We’re always looking for experienced candidates who are passionate about learning, training, and education. Take a look at our job board or contact us today to get started.

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