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Learning Content Producer – Video Production

A learning-content producer develops and creates learning-video content, from concept to final finishing, for the purposes of conveying educational or training concepts.

Job Description

We are seeking a learning-content producer to work closely with our team to direct and manage on-set video production and post-production. The ideal producer will use her/his creative, logistical, and technological skills and expertise to create content-rich and impactful learning or training videos. This is a position that requires quick problem-solving skills as well as keen attention to detail, plus the ability to manage many moving parts with poise and confidence. A successful video producer will manage all of these demands while putting our ultimate goal first and foremost – creating dynamic learning and training content while ensuring an excellent stakeholder experience.


  • Evaluate video production needs and provide creative and technical direction to create high-quality video content
  • Complete all pre-production tasks required for each individual course or training program, including content development and creating schedules and budgets
  • Prepare stakeholders for their production experience through one-on-one client communication and purposeful relationship building, and production of all course videos
  • Interface directly with stakeholders and our teams and vendors to manage expectations, cater to stakeholder needs, and offer guidance to (and sometimes substitute for) production crew when required while producing academic content
  • Create and maintain an accurate video production log (i.e. shot list, editor notes, timecode) while balancing client and production needs during long studio days
  • Document and maintain production schedules
  • Organize and manage all digital assets and post-production workflows
  • Create and deliver high-quality video assets that meet and surpass expectations
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently among all stakeholders in a larger production process
  • Consistently meet individual project goals while navigating your role within a larger team
  • Clearly communicate the advantages of video for learning or training content

Education & Certifications

Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent required.


  • Fundamental understanding of and skill with video production and post-production
  • 4+ years of professional production and/or project management experience
  • A keen eye and ear for identifying client wants and needs
  • Experience working with clients and putting them at ease with new processes
  • Ability to exercise sound decision-making in a fast-paced production environment
  • Effective team leadership skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to communicate in a courteous, tactful, and concise manner
  • Comfort and desire to learn and master new technologies
  • Ability to work in and contribute to a team environment
  • Familiarity with technologies such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Skype, Zoom, basic video editing, the Adobe Creative Suite, and general web-savvy
  • Enthusiasm and ability to thrive in an atmosphere of constant change
  • Willingness to jump in on other projects when needed
  • Engage in creative problem-solving

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