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Content Curator – EdTech or Higher Ed

Professional who gathers and organizes information on a particular subject for use in learning.

Job Description

We are seeking a content curator to research and compile digital information, stories, articles, images, webpages, and videos for inclusion in our courses and educational products. You and your team members will be responsible for managing the entire life cycle of digital assets within the organization. Collaboration with faculty and multidisciplinary teams will be required. Our ideal candidate has experience in online research and digital content curation, as well as is technological savvy across multiple platforms, devices, and digital resources. A passion and enthusiasm for educational content and an ability to maintain focus and motivation throughout the completion of repetitive tasks are also needed to succeed in this position.


  • Evaluate and select digital assets such as stories, articles, webpages, MOOCs, images, and videos, from a wide variety of online sources
  • Attach all relevant metadata to ensure that digital materials are accessible
  • Verify accuracy, relevance, and currency of assets, and ensure that content meets institutional, industry, legal, and accreditation agency guidelines and standards
  • Keep digital assets current, accessible, and updated as new versions are released
  • Determine, facilitate, and enforce the appropriate levels of accessibility for the range of assets stored across multiple institutional populations
    Adjust accessibility and security settings as needed for assets
  • Research, obtain, and appropriately document permissions clearance to use information, images/graphics, videos, etc. from the author and/or original source
  • Implement and maintain appropriate digital asset storage and organization
  • Transfer assets into a different digital format or storage repository as needed
  • Dispose appropriately of any digital assets no longer necessary or relevant to the institution
  • Research emerging trends and technologies in educational products and digital content creation and curation

Education & Certifications

Bachelors degree required in education, learning sciences, library sciences, IT or data management-related field


  • At least 1-year experience (2 years preferred) in digital or other content curation, or related role
  • Strong digital literacy and technology skills
  • Familiarity with automated curation methods such as collaborative filtering, semantic analysis, and/or social rating
  • Skill and experience in facilitating accessibility by role across digital platforms and assets
  • Skill and experience in permissions clearance, as well as documenting copyright acknowledgments
  • Ability to utilize and navigate large curation databases such as DCC, ACM, and EBSCO
  • Ability to obtain an acceptable minimal level of academic mastery of the educational subject matter being curated, in order to ensure high-quality appraisal and selection of assets
  • Ability to make decisions and sound judgments on content with limited information available
  • Ability to work collaboratively and effectively with a multidisciplinary team and/or faculty
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple projects at the same time, prioritize tasks, identify and mitigate risks, and meet tight deadlines while still maintaining high-quality work
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills and collaboration skills

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