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Assessment Writer

An analytical, creative, data-driven, and collaborative professional who develops rigorous and creative solutions for measuring and enhancing learning.

Job Description

Are you a meticulous and creative question crafter? Are you always asking about the world around you? Are you energized by insights derived from data? If so, you might be interested in joining our team.

We are seeking a professional to collaborate with our team to create assessments that both measure and promote learning. The assessment writer works with the content team to build assessment items aligned with learning outcomes and continually improve testing design through iteration. Candidates will demonstrate broad content knowledge, but also the ability to integrate and align new content.


  • Write clear, well-designed multiple-choice items, writing prompts, passages and other formative and summative assessment content
  • Develop and implement scoring guidelines and validates the implementation of these guidelines
  • Ensures rigorous assessment alignment assessment with learning outcomes
  • Manage QA processes related to assessment validity and reliability
  • Evaluate and analyze assessment data to iteratively improve assessment content and design
  • Collaborate with teammates to initiate ideas and solutions, anticipate and resolve problems, and ensure excellent results

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in related disciplines or equivalent work experience (Masters preferred)

Requirements & Key Skills

  • Evidence of comprehensive content knowledge in relevant disciplines
  • 3+ years of assessment design and development experience
  • Extensive knowledge of best practices in assessment validity and reliability
  • Experience with both objective and performance assessment preferred
  • Clear written communicator with the ability to write for a specific audience
  • Effective and efficient collaborator
  • Meticulous aligner of assessment items with learning outcomes
  • Creative question designer, who can use questioning to both assess and develop content understanding
  • Deep knowledge of assessment item design and development
  • Broad content knowledge with a proclivity for quickly mastering new content

Interview Questions

  • What is the role of assessment in teaching and learning?
  • Describe your process for developing new assessment items.
  • How do you ensure assessment items are valid and fairly assess all learners?
  • Describe a project that you worked on and how your teammates would describe you as a collaborator/contributor?

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