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Why Hire Students and Recent Grads

Securing the first foothold in one’s career journey is often the most challenging step. Internships and other early career opportunities play a critical role in helping new professionals gain the real-world experience and skills needed to set their careers in motion.

You can make a difference!



Hire students as interns
to collaborate with your



Hire students and recent grads for
contract projects to get fresh
thinking and great rates


Entry-Level Jobs

Connect with recent grads
for your entry-level
employee roles

How It Works

Students and Recent Graduates

If you are a student or a recent grad of an Instructional Design (or related) program– you are eligible!

  • Complete the form to share your information with hiring organizations.
  • On the form, you will be asked to include details such as your program information, anticipated graduation date, resume, portfolio link, preferred rates, availability, etc.
  • Organizations will reach out to you directly via your email.
  • Let us know when you’ve connected with an opportunity. We want to celebrate with you!
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Hiring Organizations


You have invaluable access to an ongoing compilation of up-and-coming instructional designers.

  • Peruse the list to identify potential matches for your job or project needs.
  • Reach out directly to students and recent grads via their email.
  • Share information about the opportunity and schedule interviews.
  • Hire without any fees.
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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Hiring Organizations

What is the difference between an internship, contract, and job?
Should internships and contracts be paid or non-paid?
Does Teamed charge a fee for hiring students and recent graduates?
How do I get started?
What universities are students and recent graduates from?
How do I become an internship site for California State University, East Bay Master's in eLearning program?
Will they have access to common eLearning softwares?
Can the student or graduate sign an NDA?
If I'm providing an internship for students, when should the internship or contract start and end? How many hours should it include?
How much supervision and support should I anticipate providing?
Can Teamed support me in hiring interns and contractors legally?

For Students & Grads

Am I eligible for the student and recent grad list?
What is the difference between an internship, contract, and job?
Can I earn academic credit for an internship or contract?
Are internships and contracts paid or non-paid?
Will opportunities be remote or on-site?
What if I don't have a gmail account and thus can't complete the form?
What if I don't hear from an organization?
Can I remove my name from the internship list?

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