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Instructional Designer (Contract)

November 21, 2022
Job Type Contract  
Experience Level Mid  
Organization Type Corporate L&D  
Pay Range

Who We AreThinkful is a new type of school that brings high-growth tech careers to ambitious people everywhere. We provide 1-on-1 learning through our network of industry experts, hiring partners, and online platform to deliver a structured and flexible education. Thinkful offers programs in web development, data science, data analytics, UX design, and project management. To join the Thinkful network visit www.thinkful.com.Scope of workWe are currently hiring a pool of instructional designers to support the Instructional Design and Development team. These contractors will not necessarily have regular or ongoing work, but they will be asked to jump in on curriculum-building projects as the need arises. As we expand our portfolio of programs, we see this pool of talent as our primary way we can quickly scale our team to meet demand. Our goal here is to build out our rolodex of instructional designers to provide invaluable expertise, support, and partnership to create the best learning experience for our students.The RoleThe Instructional Designer will be responsible for either assisting with the design (under the supervision of a Senior Instructional Designer) or designing a program(s) that leads to the maximization of student learning and career outcomes in one or multiple domains. With the support of a Senior Instructional Designer, they will analyze data, define and run research, and iterate content and curricula for skills training across Thinkful’s portfolio of courses to achieve these outcomes. The content created will address the core needs of learners who wish to upskill or move into new career paths.The Instructional Designer must be knowledgeable of the best practices in adult learning and bring experience developing content and assessments to meet the needs of learners and partners. They will stay up to date on industry-recognized credentials and skills to prepare students to test for certifications or job outcomes. They will then use this set of findings to inspire informed development of our programs for a designated area and measure the efficacy of the content they design at delivering improved student outcomes.Responsibilities

  • Design learning objectives, program capstones, course assessments that are driven by learning outcomes
  • Conduct surveys, tests, and competitive analyses to ensure our learning objectives are teaching towards the highest-demand job skills in each industry we teach
  • Partner with a Senior Instructional Designer to formulate a strategy for improving student outcomes for your assigned program
  • Work directly with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to build course content and assessments Maintain and improve instructional materials for a single program, drawing on existing metrics like pacing, skills attainment, and mastery
  • Analyze learner data to identify and make improvements to the program based on that data Work with cross-functional teams to communicate updates/changes to course content
  • Test updated content with users as it is being developed to ensure outcomes
  • Design for a diverse group of student personas – our students have varied education, skills, work backgrounds, and demands on their time: we must build solutions that solve for each group in equitable and personalized way
  • Ensure our content delivery is viable and feasible: recommend and develop content solutions for student problems that can be supported by our Operations teams at scale, and delivered within budget by our Subject Matter Experts, Instructional Designers, and Editorial teams


  • 1-2 years working in a Curriculum Development, Learning Design, Learning Engineering, or Instructional Design role
  • Experience designing curriculum for an online education platform
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Experience working directly with SMEs and other content developers
  • Understanding and application of adult learning best practices
  • Ability to contextualize skills and tools taught in the program to specific job functions
  • Ability to use backward design to create and iterate content as needed
  • Self-motivated, organized, reliable, flexible, deadline-oriented, have keen attention to detail and can complete multiple tasks in a timely fashion
  • Comfortable with remote work

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