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Subject Matter Expert

Subject Matter Expert – Public and Community Health

Job Type Contract   Part-Time  
Experience Level Mid   Senior  
Organization Type Edtech  
Pay Range $45/ hr  

The Public and Community Health Subject Matter Expert (SME) is responsible for curriculum development and reviewing course needs, course materials, and curricula within their specialty. Reviews curriculum for consistency and quality across courses. Serves as the final course reviewer before Sophia’s academic leadership approves. Ensures the development of high-quality, current, relevant, and engaging core course curricula in alignment with accreditation standards and guidelines.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • This role is writing intensive. Strong writing skills and the ability to turn around batches of writing content on an aggressive timeline are key.
  • Identify skill objectives and create course outlines for new courses or course revisions
  • Develop and shape each skill objective by answering key content questions to inform the learning design for the content.
  • Understanding and incorporation of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) concepts
  • Analyze the skill objectives, content outlines, and activity types and make recommendations on what will be most effective to help students learn this targeted skill at a foundational level
  • Provide feedback on content assets as they are in development to ensure the accuracy of the information being presented
  • Collaborate with the Learning Designer in the development of skills content, including reviewing assessments, offering course feedback, and media
  • Write assessments that are aligned with the course learning objectives and Bloom’s Taxonomy levels
  • Review and write video scripts
  • Attend scheduled online meetings (check-ins and other sessions as needed)

Job Skills:

  • Understand curriculum design documents, standards, and processes
  • Knowledge of principles and best practices of curriculum/assessment design and writing
  • Strong communication skills
  • Clear and effective writing
  • Strong editing and review skills
  • Tracking tasks to completion with limited oversight and direction
  • Accountability to team and project goals
  • Proactively raises and addresses schedule and quality concerns
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Microsoft Office-style tools, and Windows or MacOS
  • Must have strong computer skills (spreadsheets, presentations, and HTML)
  • Maintaining composure in stressful situations

Work Experience:

  • At least 3 years of teaching experience is required in one of the related fields: Public Health, Community Health, Health Administration, Health Education, and/or a related field
  • Previous experience creating course content as a Subject Matter Expert


  • A Master’s degree in a related field is required, a Ph.D. preferred
  • Master of Public Health (MPH), Ph.D. or Doctor of Public Health (DPH), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), or a Doctor of Nursing (DNP), Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) with a background in public health, and/or a related field 


  • Weekly time commitment: 20-25 hrs/wk (will vary by week)
  • The project can run between 5 to 7 months
  • Access information using a computer
  • Effectively communicate, both up and down the management chain
  • Strong mental acuity
  • Regular, dependable attendance and punctuality are essential functions of this job.
  • Other essential functions and marginal job functions are subject to modification
  • Be available for 1+ working sessions/wk during daytime hours (9-4 pm Central) – includes standing weekly team check-in.
  • Be open to discussion and collaboration and receptive to feedback.
  • Be willing to revise content based on feedback.
  • Respond to communications/requests with reasonable turnaround time.
  • Attend weekly and ad hoc working sessions consistently.
  • Complete content deliverables and action items on time consistently.

Compensation $45.00

Job # 275

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