Need digital learning talent?

Let Teamed do the work. We'll find the right talent for all of your learning projects and we offer flexible hiring solutions.

Sourcing and Screening Talent

Finding the right learning professionals is challenging. Teamed makes it a breeze!

  • We know the learning design and development industry and talent
  • We source and interview candidates
  • You receive a curated, short-list of top talent

Hiring Options

Teamed has flexible hiring solutions for every situation.

  • Permanent employee referrals
  • Temporary to permanent employee
  • Contractor referrals
  • Employer of record services – we hire contractors for you

Employer of Record

Reduce the hassle and risk of working with contractors. We make the process fast and easy. 

  • We hire your 1099 and W2 contractors
  • We process the hiring paperwork and complete a background check
  • Contractors are set up with an easy to use timekeeping system


Author Dr. Sarah Glova Founder and CEO, Reify Media

Connecting with our Clients

Teamed has been a reliable, invaluable partner for our digital media firm. Teamed communicates quickly and efficiently, and their candidate submissions are organized and high quality. The advantage of working with Teamed is their industry knowledge; they truly understand what we’re looking for and how to attract the top candidates for each position’s unique needs.

Author David Lindrum Founder and Lead Course Designer, Soomo Learning

Connecting with our Clients

Teamed has the expertise and reach to not only find the best candidates and to help us assess many excellent candidates to find the person who best fits our need.

Author Melissa Yu Director Curriculum Initiatives, Strayer University

Connecting with our Clients

It is wonderful to have a trusted partner in Teamed, that is fully aware of our organizational needs and provides quality candidates and helpful reports – all in a timely fashion! I truly value Teamed’s deep experience and expertise in the learning space.

Author Alison Michel Sr. Project Manager, Strategic Education Inc.

Connecting with our Clients

Though we have worked with other staffing agencies in the past, none of them have had the specific understanding of the needs of eLearning content development and project management that TeamEd offers, as well as the extensive network of talented and experienced professionals. As a partner, Teamed is exceptionally responsive and attentive, and supports their clients and talent with a thorough knowledge of the unique demands of this fast-changing industry.