Do you have a learning project?

We help you quickly find and hire the right professionals for all of your learning projects.
Learning designers, project managers, SMEs, learning technologists, and more!

Find the Right Learning Talent

Finding the right learning professionals is hard. Teamed makes it a breeze!

  • We know the learning design and development industry and talent
  • We source and interview candidates
  • We create a short list of the top candidates for you

Hiring Solutions

Hiring needs are different at different times. What do you need?

  • Contract with 1099’s
  • Teamed Employer of Record services for W2’s
  • Hire permanent employees
  • Teamed onboarding and payroll services

Talent Marketplace

Browse, chat, and hire learning design and development professionals from the Teamed marketplace. 

  • Instant access to professionals
  • Teammates are reviewed and approved
  • Book talent with the click of a button