Teamed is the place where people come to make a difference in learning.

Whether you currently work in the learning industry, are in technology, design, or another field - you can make an impact. Status levels publicly recognize your contributions and signify your level of expertise and quality of service. Keep in mind, the higher status you earn, the more opportunities you will have.

Level 1 – Community Contributor

You’ve completed $1,500 worth of sales within the past 60 days, and you’ve kept your clients happy with a reputation of 85% or higher. Congratulations, you are officially a Community Contributor and we appreciate the value you are adding to the field of digital learning!

Level 2 – Change Agent

You’ve completed over $4,000 worth of sales, have been a regular contributor for over 60 days, and have a reputation of 85% or higher. You are now officially a Change Agent. Your expertise and insights are needed in the digital learning field and are helping to accelerate positive progress.

Level 3 – Top Rated Seller

Welcome to the Teamed Elite class! You’ve been hand-selected by the Teamed staff because of your exceptional contributions and quality service. Congratulations! You add irreplaceable value to the field of learning. Your hard work, innovation, and ability to spread ideas and best practices makes you a leader in the learning space.


Posting a service on Teamed is 100% free. We charge a percentage fee for each successfully completed transaction to maintain an exceptional marketplace for you. The fee varies depending on your status level.

Commissions Per Level

Level 0
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Percent per Level
Level 024%
Level 122%
Level 220%
Level 318%